October 2018

  • Set up six “Euro-classes” with information about partner countries / schools in the project.
  • Intensifying the English language preparation of the students in the project team;
  • Documentation activities by organizing thematic excursions on the Black Sea coast or activities to monitor dolphin failure on the Eforie-Nord beach;
  • Online communication between students and teachers in partner schools and the creation of a database of e-mail addresses and a folder of correspondence;
  • Promoting the project during the seminar information Successful European Projects, conducted on 5 October 2018 attended by principals, teachers and pupils from schools in Medgidia, parents, local and regional mass- media;
  • Running a competition to select a school logo at the level of the school, coordinated by DODIŞ ELENA, Art Professor, attended by students from the gymnasium classes. After the judging the students’ works were appreciated: Neagu Alexandru – VII B (1st prize), Motoc Ioana – VIII A (2nd prize), Lucaci Alexandra & Sali Melysa – VII B (3rd prize). The first two ranked competed on a transnational level.
  • Organization of thematic excursions on the coast or the Museum of Natural Sciences in Bucharest, Tulcea and Constanta, with the objectives of enhancing knowledge on the biodiversity of the marine environment and the identification of environmental problems of the coastal zone, gathering marine elements to execute works within SEART activities, cultivating a civilized lifestyle and stimulating students’ creativity.
  • Collecting information on the marine ecosystem and inserting the most significant in a ppt. which was presented by the students of the project team in the video conference “Our sea in daily life“, with the participation of all partners.
  • Making an exchange of information with partner schools on marine biodiversity and the importance of the sea in people’s lives;
  • Making reading sheets on legends about the sea, making thematic literary creations by V-VIII class students and inserting them into a brochure;
  • Preparatory work in organizing the meeting within the transnational project hosted by our school: drawing up the agenda, development of materials for workshops involving both the team of teachers and students (PowerPoint presentations with information about Romania and the town Medgidia about “Lucian Grigorescu” Gymnasium School and the Romanian educational system, presentation maps, badges, leaflets, personalized objects, thematic paintings, etc.)
  • Celebration through various activities on the International Black Sea Day;
  • Development of thematic educational hours with the pupils and realization of exhibition panels with the produced products;
  • Dissemination by providing information materials (ppt sites, folders) in the teachers’ council meetings of the Board, School Council of Students, meetings with parents; reports and press releases posted on the ISJ website, press articles, interviews, and TV shows;
  • Completing the project map.


  • posters, layouts, PowerPoint presentations, logos, digital materials, diplomas for school winners, SEART exhibition panels, promotional materials, thematic literary works, video, and photos; reports; press Releases; TV shows, project map.


  • Diversification of theoretical knowledge in the field of environmental education;
  • Developing skills and abilities in a team of members with heterogeneous education levels (pupils from different classes, teachers of various specializations);
  • Developing ICT skills and communication in English;
  • Cultivating and capitalizing on students’ creativity;
  • Training in work organization and work-time planning skills materialized through the achievement of objectives and compliance with the deadlines set for the project tasks;
  • Dissemination of results and promotion of the project in the print media and Alpha Media and Media TV.

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